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You may acquire an estimate from us at any time by turning up at our premises during normal office hours, Monday to Friday-other times by appointment only. We advise phoning first to make sure our estimators are on site, or use our online contact form. Estimates can be provided at your place of work or home address within a certain radius of our premises and totally at our discretion and convenience. You may also email images and full details (e.g. name, address, contact numbers, vehicle make & model, registration, chassis number, VIN number, colour, metallic or normal colour) and we will provide an estimate by return. All estimates supplied are subject to further work and/or parts being found necessary upon dismantling. Quotes are available for certain types of work, please enquire. All estimates are free of charge unless you request us to either travel long distance, provide estimates for vehicles which are beyond economical repair or other beyond the norm requests.

How do I get an estimate prior to the repairs being carried out?

None are necessary for an estimate, however if you would like help with your claim the following would be required; driving license, proof of identity and insurance policy document and copy of claim form (if available). Our customer advisor will provide help with filling out insurance claims, if necessary.

What documents will I need to bring with me?

Fletchers are aware of industry requirements; we can normally speed up the claim to repair authorization process by providing your insurers with industry standard estimates by fax, email or EDI.

What if I have problems with my claim?

We will carry out repairs as soon as we have authorization from the insurer and we have an available courtesy car, if required. There can sometimes be a waiting list for courtesy cars so if you can do without you will normally get your car repaired quicker! Courtesy cars are supplied as a complimentary gesture; we are under no obligation to supply one. Your insurers do not pay us for providing a car!

Repair booking and progression

How long will it take before you can start the work?

There are various things that can cause delays, the most common of which are delays obtaining authorization, parts delays or additional parts identified during the repair cycle.

Why can delays occur during the repair process?

Normally yes, but insurance claims are subject to your insurance company approval and our original estimate may not be agreed by your insurer.

Will you carry out all the repairs estimated?

Only for collection and redelivery and for certain types of repairs, we will also road test cars after the repair process.

Will my car be driven by your staff?

A member of the Fletchers team will tell you when your car is due to be ready for collection.

How will I know when the work is finished?

From the outset, we will examine your level of cover and notify you of any excess that may be required by your insurance company. Under most agreements this is a one-off payment of a minimal fixed amount. However, some claims may be subject to VAT and/or betterment charges imposed by your insurer. You should be notified of these in advance by your insurer.

Payments required

How much will I be liable to pay myself?

By any UK major credit/debit card verified by PIN. For corporate customers who wish to open an account, the application must be cleared before any credit can be extended. We cannot release vehicles without payment in full.

How can I pay?

All repairs are guaranteed for the remainder of your manufacturer warranty. All work carried out is to manufacturer warranty standards.

How long do you guarantee repairs for?

Complete customer satisfaction is our priority. Should there be any problem at all with your car once our repairs are completed, you can return it to us under guarantee and we’ll sort out the problem immediately, providing it is related to work carried out by ourselves.

What if something goes wrong later on?

After sales guarantee

Replacement/courtesy cars

If you require a courtesy car we can normally provide one subject to availability and terms and conditions.

Will I get a courtesy car?

You will be liable for any damage (including scuffs, soiled trim or third party damage). You are also responsible for any fixed penalty notices, speeding fines and/or congestion charges whilst the vehicle is issued to you. Any fines notified to Fletchers will incur additional administration charges.

What if I damage your courtesy car?

You are limited to 50 miles per day and vehicles are not to be taken abroad under any circumstances.

Can I take the courtesy car abroad or on extended travel?

Only yourself and any named driver on your policy.

Who can drive the courtesy car?

You are fully responsible for the insurance. You must transfer your insurance to our courtesy car prior to collection. This must be fully comprehensive. Alternatively, you may use our insurance.

Who insures the courtesy car

We only supply a group A car. However, we can accommodate upgrades at an additional charge.

Can I have a like for like vehicle replacement?

Take a look through our frequently asked questions for answers to any queries you may have. Or contact us for further information.

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